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"A Very Brave Podcast"

Join Matt Duhamel on a brave podcast as he navigates the sex offense registry and lives his life on the list without fear! #livingonthelist

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In 1996 Wetterling amended by Megan’s Law requiring all states to conduct community notification, required the creation of Internet sites containing state sex-offender information to the public.

The registry effects almost a million people and their families in the United States. My show is intended to assist these people so they can navigate this often confusing and scary process. I’m also here to offer advice and positive education. (Note: I do not get involved in personal legal cases, social media feuds, or protests.)


Almost 1,000,000 People

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Living On The List often brings social rejectionanger, anxiety, and sadness. The registry laws and restrictions for years have been proven ineffective. Lawmakers and politicians refuse to look at the real issues of abductions, abuse, and other crimes. Most of these laws are based on fear, not facts.

For now, the list is here to stay even though a federal judge in California has found a key part of the federal Sex Offender Registration and Notification Act (SORNA) to be unconstitutional. This show is here to help you move past the shame and fear of being labeled an outcast in society.

Sex offenders come from all walks of life. Some grew up in the ghetto, some grew up in Beverly Hills. They’re like everybody else.” – Janice Bellucci

About The Host

matt duhamel, the rejected podcast

Matt isn’t afraid about sharing his experiences as he navigates the sex offense registry in America.  Since 2012, he’s been on the “list” which has hampered his social life, employment, and housing opportunities. While taking full responsibility for his past actions, Matt hopes that people and their families living on the list can find peace and hope for a successful future. 

Because of serious legal issues I faced in 2006, and subsequently my incarceration for four years in a federal prison, I’ve been rejected from my community, social groups, and resources such as employment and housing. My podcast and YouTube show is important for anyone feeling alone, scared, or just plain frustrated about living on the sex offense registry. You don’t have to live your life in fear!

Benefits of Listening

Honest Interviews

Real people, real stories. Hear first-hand experiences from people dealing with living on the list.

First-Hand Knowleadge

Host, Matt Duhamel has first-hand knowleadge of the emotional and physical pain that accompanies living on the list.

Self-Improvement Opportunities

It's not all gloom and doom. We want to help others improve their self-worth through education and suggestions.

Hear From Professionals

Professionals such as doctors and sociologists bring the facts, not the fear that media often portrays.

Watch On YouTube

“What would you do and how would you feel if someone confessed to you, after six months of dating, that they’re a registered sex offender?”

In this video, I talk about five real responses to this question. I also offer a few tips on how to talk about your past to a potential partner.